Want a chance to perform some rapid design? Want to meet others in the healthcare design field? Have you ever thought ‘there must be a better way’ or ‘I wish there was…’ in the context of healthcare?

The organizers of a SE Michigan non-profit, Ann Arbor Health Hacks (A2HealthHacks.org) invite you to find out how your skills can make a difference over the weekend of June 22-24 during their third annual healthcare hackathon.

An all-weekend, high-intensity brainstorming and prototyping event for participants from all walks of life: students and professionals and retirees from fields across IT, engineering, design, health and business, collaborating, putting their skills and knowledge together to create an new solution to a problem. Solutions can be websites or apps, devices, service offerings or or business models, to present to the judges by Sunday to win prizes. In the worst case you’ll have a great weekend creating new things with interesting people and go back to your day job on Monday. In the bast case you just met your co-founders and started a company. More info and registration at A2HealthHacks.org

Ann Arbor Health Hacks (A2H2) is an entirely volunteer-run non-profit with the goal to foster healthcare innovation and spawn healthcare startups in SE Michigan by hosting an annual 150-person hackathon and monthly meetups.