Center for Socially Engaged Design

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Projects and presentations are evaluated on their attention to the broader context of design, engagement with and incorporation of stakeholder expertise, application of qualitative research methods, use of respectful and co-creative language, and product quality. (criteria subject to change)

Context: Consideration of the broader context of design (social, cultural, economic, environmental), including how the design interacts with context from materials selection through implementation and adoption through disposal and/or project sunsetting.
Stakeholder/Community Engagement: Direct and indirect engagement with stakeholders and/or community for information gathering and design. Incorporation of knowledge, skills, ideas, and perspectives of stakeholders/community.
Methods: Application of socially engaged design methods, including qualitative research methods (i.e. interviews, focus groups, observations) and use of prototyping to garner feedback.
Language: Use of respectful and co-creative language about stakeholders/users, needs, and design solutions.
Quality: Technical soundness of product, likelihood to address the need, consideration of user requirements & engineering specifications.

Teams seeking to incorporate a socially engaged design approach into their project work are strongly encouraged to meet with C-SED consultants in one or more 20-minute appointments throughout the semester and train in front-end design and other relevant skills using the Socially Engaged Design Academy and Deep Dives.

Check out past SED Award winners here:

Erik Thomas presents Project MESA – an M-HEAL team and Honors Capstone Design project at Winter 2017 Design Expo

Winter 2017 Socially Engaged Design Award for Established Team went to Project MESA (Erik Thomas accepting on behalf of M-HEAL and his capstone design project) for their co-design of a portable gynecological exam table with healthcare providers in Nicaragua

Adapt and Eden’s Team present a concept solution at Design Expo 2017

SED Award judges sample Exotein, a cricket protein-based chocolate beverage developed by a chemical engineering capstone design team. Winter 2017 Design Expo

Team Exotein presents their cricket protein-based chocolate beverage developed for their chemical engineering capstone design project at Winter 2017 Design Expo

“The Team, The Team, The Team” shows off their driverless bus after a 48 hour design sprint at Makeathon 2017. Their consideration of context like features to accommodate diverse users, alert pedestrians, and navigate this miniature city earned them a Socially Engaged Design Award