Until April 2017, Maria Young was the Assistant Director of Academic Programs at the Center for Socially Engaged Design.  She led the development of the center’s Socially Engaged Design Academy (SEDA) and served as the program manager for the Global Health Design Initiative (GHDI).

Maria holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Michigan, where she specialized in multidisciplinary global health design. Through GHDI, Maria performed a clinical-needs assessment in Ghana and pursued the design of a low-fidelity trainer to aid in teaching midwives how to screen for cervical cancer.  Maria continues to work on this project as co-founder of the organization, Visualize. Maria also earned a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition from Columbia University and performed research in the Columbia HIV Vaccine Research Unit on assessing barriers and facilitators to participation in clinical trials by high-risk communities.

Maria has experience applying qualitative research methods to understand a community’s health and wellness and engaging experts across disciplines to create solutions to global and domestic public health issues.  She also has substantial experience using design ethnography and building sustainable partnerships within intercultural settings.

Maria is available for phone or Skype consults only.  If her scheduled appointment times don’t work for you please contact her at mariary@umich.edu.

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