Center for Socially Engaged Design

Upcoming Open Access Deep Dives

Navigating Roadblocks (RSVP here): Friday, April 6, 2-4PM in 3360 GG Brown

No design process is linear and all socially engaged design teams should expect the unexpected.  It’s not uncommon for a team to share a prototype of a concept solution, only to realize from their community partners that they didn’t really understand the need in the first place.  Or for a team to have a brilliant and elegant solution only to realize something already exists that addresses the need even better.  Being open and flexible in these cases and viewing these apparent setbacks as opportunities rather than barriers is core to socially engaged design.  After this Deep Dive, teams may have the confidence to navigate roadblocks by pivoting, shifting mindsets, and revisiting and refining design needs.

Sustainable Design Primer (RSVP here): March 23 Moved to Evolve Sustainability Summit. Saturday, April 14. Get the latest here.

Adopt a holistic view of sustainability, evaluate sustainability claims and perceptions, and make more informed design decisions that could lead to sustainable outcomes.  After this Deep Dive, you and your team will have basic language and awareness of sustainability frameworks to begin applying to your design work.

Building & Prototyping Mini-Sessions: Dates & topics coming soon, C-SED Prototyping Lab 3341 GG Brown

Learn & practice quick and easy building techniques to facilitate early and often prototyping. Topics coming soon.


All Deep Dive Offerings

  • Fall Farm Hack, Immersion Style (October 2016)
  • Education & Community Engagement, Consultation Style (January 2017)
  • Concept Generation, Project Swap Style (March 2017)
  • Using Design Ethnography to Define URES, Learn & Apply Style (September 2017)
  • Concept Generation & Selection, Project Swap Style (October 2017)
  • Communicating your Socially Engaged Design Project to Stakeholders, Peer Interview Style (December 2017)
  • What is Socially Engaged Design? (Info Session): Socially engaged design is happening all over campus and around the world.  Join C-SED to learn more about what it is and how it applies to your design work.  After this Deep Dive you will have a better understanding of what socially engaged design looks like and how you can leverage C-SED resources to build skills and practice it with your own design team.
  • Prototyping Early & Often (February 2018): A common misconception of the design process often leads designers to prototyping only after they finalized user requirements and engineering specifications and developed concepts. However, prototyping can be used as  a creative, problem-solving technique that not only helps you test out ideas, but also develop them right from the start.  After this Deep Dive, you and your team will be able to incorporate prototyping throughout the entirety of the design process.NOTE: You do NOT need to complete the C-SED Basic Safety Training to participate in this workshop. Play Doh & Legos are involved!
  • Concept Generation (March 2018): Readily adoptable and sustainable design solutions require designers to gracefully align creative concepts with well-identified, defined, and refined needs and user requirements.  Often the obvious or easiest solutions aren’t the final, but there are a range of strategies for design teams to be open-minded and generate a variety of strong concepts.  After this Deep Dive, your team will have a toolbox of concept generation strategies to inspire creativity, prevent fixation on a single concept or concept area, and involve stakeholders in your exploration of the solution space.
  • Maximizing Conversations with Experts (Postponed to Fall ’18): Socially engaged design teams need to talk with many people from users to technical experts to project sponsors and more.  Design teams don’t always have time to tell the full story.  Practice strategies to pare down your story and identify key questions to maximize your brief time with experts.  Then, apply those strategies right away in a round of speed consulting with C-SED staff.  After this Deep Dive, your team will have the tools to prep for efficient and productive meetings with C-SED consultants, check-ins with project sponsors, and presentations at Design Expo.

Request a Custom Deep Dive

See a topic you like?  Request a custom Deep Dive for your project team or class.  If there’s a topic we haven’t covered yet that you’d like to see, let us know.