Center for Socially Engaged Design

Getting Started: Reach out to us or swing by our space on the 3rd floor of GG Brown to discuss your course goals and we’ll create a personalized plan for your course!

How do courses utilize C-SED?

Have students use our content

Socially Engaged Design Academy (SEDA) Blocks and SEDA Shorts are great resources for your students to begin grasping design concepts! SEDA blocks include a graded knowledge check and application tasks to test and actualize these concepts with C-SED consultants. Furthermore, we can customize current blocks to better fit your objectives and contextualize your coursework through the lens of socially-engaged design!

Have our experts do workshops and activities in your class

Our staff and consultants can facilitate workshops on a variety of topics and tailor this content for your classroom! Topics range from lectures on Socially-Engaged Thinking and Community Engagement, to best practices and skills for eliciting User Requirements and Specifications, Concept Generation and Selection, and performing Interviews and Observations.

Have students consult with our experts

C-SED’s staff and consultants are available to hold independent meetings with your students on a variety of topics to give them extra feedback on their design projects. Faculty may choose to require C-SED consultations a required part of a curricular design process to provide 

Build new, personalized content

C-SED can help develop and shape our content around your course! Any C-SED resource can be tailored to better meet your learning objectives while providing new insight into the design process and hands-on design skills practice.

What courses does C-SED work with?

C-SED has worked with a variety of courses and programs across the College of Engineering and across the University of Michigan:

Engineering 100
Engineering 260: Engineering Across Cultures
Engineering 290: Design in a Resource-Constrained Environment
Mechanical Engineering 450: Capstone Design
Mechanical Engineering 599: Design for Global Health
Entrepreneurship 490: Urban Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship 599: Design & Creativity
Art & Design 200: Social Spaces
Marketing 425: New Product & Innovation Management
School of Information Global Information Engagement Program
Center for Japanese Studies, GIEU Japan