Center for Socially Engaged Design

Getting Started: If you are interested in partnership, please reach out through the contact form.

What does being a project sponsor entail?

Project sponsors collaborate with C-SED to create new educational opportunities for University of Michigan students to practice front-end design. Partnership with C-SED as a project sponsor follows the rough outline below:

  1. C-SED and project sponsors work together to scope out an area of need.
  2. C-SED provides coursework to train student teams to prepare them for front-end design practice and needs assessment.
  3. Project sponsors meet with student teams during coursework to tailor summer immersion and engagement plans at the sponsor field site.
  4. Students go to field site for 4-6 week immersion to interface with relevant stakeholders while continuously monitored by C-SED experts and sponsor team members.
  5. Students deliver a final needs assessment/project report
  6. C-SED  and project sponsors work together to determine next steps for the project, including other University programs

What is expected from students?

Students enroll in ENGIN X55 to learn best practices of front-end design apply those concepts to their project while planing summer immersion experiences with the guidance of C-SED experts. Students have weekly reading and homework to prepare for the immersion along with reports and meetings with project sponsors and stakeholders. During the immersion, students have multiple weekly deliverables reviewed by C-SED staff. Finally, students submit a final report describing key needs statements along with methodologies and additional discussion.

What are other ways my organization can partner with C-SED?

Among other partnership opportunities, C-SED can help your organization promote and plan:

  • Internship Opportunities
  • Speaker Series/Campus Visits
  • Recruitment Event
  • Student Training
  • Organizational Training Events
  • Collaboration on Curriculum Development