Design Portfolio


Exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life is highly recommended by UNICEF and WHO. However, only 15% of infants aged 0 to 6 months in some of the least developed countries such as Nigeria are exclusively breastfed. The low rates are due to a mother’s need to return to work, where mothers have no access to expressing breast milk at work. Thus our team is designing a low cost, easy to clean, and easy to maintain breast pump to be used at home and work in low-resource settings where access to clean water and power sources are not reliable.

After conducting technology research and industry benchmarks, the team came up with a list of user requirements and specifications. To address these requirements, the team designed a breast pump consisting of four key parts: the suction cup, pump, silicone cover, and duckbill valve. The key highlights of the design are the efficiency, affordability, and easy maintenance. Complete assembly of the pump takes less than 30 seconds, maintenance involves a four step cleaning process, and the efficiency is objectively comparable to the leading manual breast pumps on the market. Additionally, each pump costs $1.23 to produce and attaches to any locally sourced bottle.

Project Team

  • Ray Chen ME
  • Yiwen Wu ME
  • Anqi Sun ME
  • Qi Wang ME


  • Kathleen Sienko Bio Medical Engineering PhD
  • Elijah Kannatey-Asibu Mechanical Engineering PhD
  • Leith Greenslade UNICEF