Center for Socially Engaged Design

The C-SED Prototyping Lab is closed except by explicit approval and appointment. See information below.

The C-SED Prototyping lab will be closed to all students except those enrolled in pre-scheduled sections of ENGR100 through October 15, 2020. After October 15, 2020, the lab will be open to others who need the space on an appointment basis. Those interested in using the space must complete this application and be approved before scheduling an appointment. Teams may sign up for no more than one appointment slot, maximum 4 hours, no more than 2 times per week. All cancellations must be made at least 72 hours in advance. Failure to show up for an appointment will result in a warning, on the second missed appointment, your lab privileges will be revoked until normal lab operations resume. 

If you have any questions, please email


Get Help in the C-SED Prototyping Lab

Maximize use of available resources in the C-SED Prototyping Lab, located in 3341 GG Brown.  Receive training on a particular piece of equipment in the lab.

Drop-in to meet with any of our staff (see calendar).  You may also set up a one-on-one consultation with one of our student staff.

This calendar is only viewable by University of Michigan users.  If you can’t see the calendar, use this link, if needed, and be sure you are logged in with your UM calendar.


Apply for lab access here!


  • Projects and/or mission of design teams relate to socially engaged design.
  • Individuals or teams plan to actively use workshop space and contribute to the socially engaged design community. This is a modestly sized space so project and materials storage capacity will be limited to active teams.
  • The workshop will be high traffic with other users and visitors. Teams should not have non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).


Basic Safety Training

Users of the C-SED Prototyping Lab must first complete Basic Workshop Safety Training.  The contact who completed the lab access application will receive an email with links and instructions.

  1. Review Core Content
  2. Complete the Knowledge Check (linked at the end of the Core Content)
    1. If you are seeking access to the Wilson Center, review your responses and retake the quiz until you get 100%.
    2. If you are seeking access to the C-SED Prototyping Lab, review your responses, but you do not need to get 100%. Instead, proceed to the next step.
  3. Drop-in during designated hours (see calendar) to complete the in-person training at C-SED (3341 GG Brown). (NOTE: Those seeking access to the Wilson Center do NOT need to complete the C-SED training.)
  4. Respond to the Survey & Access Agreement Form you receive in your email after attending the Application Task.
  5. Receive an email with the access code to the C-SED Prototyping Lab.

Advanced Tool Training

This lab has a table saw, drill press, miter saw, circular saw, belt sander, and other tools that may be useful in your prototyping work.  Regardless of your prior experience, you are required to have an orientation with a C-SED Prototyping Lab Staff Member.  These tools are only accessible when the lab is staffed.  Please refer to the calendar above for availability.

Other Trainings

There are lots of tools in the lab that are not part of the basic training that you may want to learn to use (table saw, circular saw, sewing machine, 3d printer). Talk with a C-SED Prototyping Lab Staff Member if you’re curious or want additional training.

If you have an idea for a training (because you need it or because you have a skill to share), please let us know!

C-SED Prototyping Lab Policies

  1. Basic training for safety, security, lab maintenance, supplies usage, and the operation of equipment must be completed before access is granted.
  2. Lab users must read the online Handbook and be familiar with it before using anything within the space.
  3. Use of certain equipment as outlined in the Handbook is only permitted with specialized training and during specified, staffed hours.
  4. Proper personal protective equipment must be used at all times.
  5. Access to the lab is permitted only when another user is present and during posted hours.
  6. Unauthorized students or acquaintances are not permitted in the lab.
  7. Tampering with any locks or monitoring devices is prohibited.
  8. Out of respect for other users, tools should be returned to their designated locations, projects stored, and residue cleaned up before leaving the lab.
  9. Report malfunctioning, damaged, or missing equipment to lab staff.
  10. Use of salvaged wood must be approved by the Center for Socially Engaged Design lab manager.
  11. Food and drink are prohibited within the lab.
  12. Tools must be kept and used only in the lab, unless checked out via lab staff.
  13. Center for Socially Engaged Design staff or the lab manager may revoke access for non-compliance with these policies.
  14. All students must adhere to the Engineering Honor Code and intellectual property policies at the University of Michigan.

And Other General Reminders/Interpretations of these Policies

  • all teams will be asked to submit updates about your work in the lab at the conclusion of your project (or semesterly for ongoing work)
  • label ALL of your team’s items. Keep them stored in drawers, cabinets, or in boxes on shelves in 3341.  Unattended/unlabeled items become shared resources.
  • check out the prototyping cart & stand for materials you may need.  Let the C-SED team know if you think we should have other raw materials available.
  • do not share the lab access code with anyone.
  • check out this calendar for the lab staff schedule plan to make your first move-in and work day in the lab to be a time when a staff member is available to welcome and assist you.
  • ask your friends and teammates to complete Basic Safety Training before they try to enter the lab with you.
  • remember to sign in on the ipad every time!
  • be smart, be safe, and have fun.
  • ask questions!