Center for Socially Engaged Design

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Want to work in our space?

  • All C-SED meeting and collaboration spaces will remain closed until further notice due to COVID-19.
  • Reserve a conference room or consultation/coaching room: C-SED is not taking reservations for space at this time.
  • The C-SED Prototyping lab will be closed to all students except those enrolled in pre-scheduled sections of ENGR100 through October 15, 2020. After October 15, 2020, the lab will be open to others who need the space on an appointment basis. Those interested in using the space must complete this application and be approved before scheduling an appointment. Teams may sign up for no more than one appointment slot, maximum 4 hours, no more than 2 times per week. All cancellations must be made at least 72 hours in advance. Failure to show up for an appointment will result in a warning, on the second missed appointment, your lab privileges will be revoked until normal lab operations resume. If you have any questions, please email


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Click on the tabs below to learn more about how you can use each part of the C-SED space.

C-SED Lounge (3360 GG Brown)

A large open room with a variety of seating arrangements, whiteboard tables, several display monitors, and a computer station.  A message board and flyer rack are available to post and find socially engaged design opportunities.  The room is encased in windows that overlook the North Campus Grove.

The primary function of this room is to foster creativity and collaboration within and between designers and design teams.  The room is open for gatherings, study space, and other socially engaged design activities 24-7.  Contact Charlie ( if you’d like to host any special events in the room. Special event room use guide.







“BLUElab hosted a travel unpacking event in room 3360 to ensure that summer travel teams could use their experiences to the best of their ability over the coming year. The space was perfect because it was open and spacious for big group discussions, and had smaller spaces for smaller group activities. The resources there such as the televisions and whiteboards facilitated conversation, and we hope to use it again in the future.” -BLUElab

Prototyping Lab (3341 & 3361 GGBrown)

A two-room converted lab has become a lab for building and testing physical models of design concepts.  The room features a variety of assembly spaces and storage areas.  Materials like styrofoam, cardboard, and glue guns are available for rough mock-ups of physical prototypes.  Tools and equipment include basic hand and power tools, woodworking tools, electrical tools, and a 3D printer.  Two fume hoods, sinks, and compressed air are also available.

Space is limited.  Individuals or teams may apply here to host their socially engaged design projects in the lab for free. Lab safety training is required.  Wood tool and 3D printing training are required for individuals wanting to use those resources.

The primary function of this space is for design teams to create physical prototypes during all stages of their design processes by accessing a range of tools and materials to quickly realize ideas.  We encourage teams to conduct early prototyping that aids in idea generation and needs definition, to develop and refine small products that require basic equipment, and to learn to use tools that may be useful elsewhere.  Information will be available to point teams toward other nearby and online resources to further advance their projects.

More about the Prototyping Lab.

Consultation and Coaching (3340 GGBrown)

A suite of 4 small meeting rooms (capacity 4-6 people). Each room has a monitor to display shared work. A lounge area and kitchenette are available outside the rooms. The room also has a “toychest” of tools to inspire idea generation, creativity, and early prototyping and a small “library” of books, articles, and other resources about socially engaged design.

The primary function of these rooms is to hold Consultations and Socially Engaged Design Academy Coaching Sessions.  When not in use, rooms will be reservable for socially engaged design team meetings or drop-in use.

To request a reservation for a meeting room fill out this form and select “Meeting room”.

Drop-in users must enter their name and meeting purpose on the Room Wizards near the doors.

Conference Room (3350 GGBrown)

A conference room with seating at the table for approximately 10-12 and additional space for seating available around the perimeter.  Whiteboards and conferencing technology available.

The primary function of this space is to serve meeting and event needs related to socially engaged design.  Priority is given to C-SED-affiliated meetings and is available by reservation for other meetings and events with a socially engaged design element.  When not in use for these purposes, it is available on a drop-in basis by other groups. Drop-in users must follow the instructions to reserve space on the Room Wizards near the door.

To request a reservation for a conference room fill out this form and select “Conference room”.