C-SED Space in GG Brown

The Center for Socially Engaged Design is proud to support a new collaborative space in the College of Engineering’s GG Brown Building that seeks to co-locate project teams with missions related to socially engaged design. The goal is to fuel collaboration between teams and to allow teams access to C-SED resources.

In this space, teams can: Train, Collaborate, Build, and Communicate.

The new space is open!  Check out the before, during, and after photos of the construction!

Need help finding us? Here’s a GG Brown Map to C-SED.  When you get here, Tweet @CSEDatUMICH with #foundcsed.

Collaboration Space (3360 GGBrown):

A large open room with a variety of seating arrangements, whiteboard tables, several display monitors, and a computer station.  A message board and flyer rack are available to post and find socially engaged design opportunities.  The room overlooks the North Campus Grove.

The primary function of this room is to foster creativity and collaboration within and between designers and design teams.  The room is open for gatherings, study space, and other socially engaged design activities 24-7.  Contact Christie (donahuec@umich.edu) if you’d like to host any special events in the room.

Workshop (3341 & 3361 GGBrown): 

A two-room converted lab has become a workshop for building and testing physical models of design concepts.  The room will feature a variety of assembly spaces and storage areas.  Materials like styrofoam, cardboard, and glue guns will be available for rough mock-ups of physical prototypes.  Tools and equipment include basic hand and power tools, woodworking tools, electrical tools, and a 3D printer.  Two fume hoods, sinks, and air are also available.

Space is limited.  Individuals or teams may apply here to host their socially engaged design projects in the space for free.  Lab safety training is required.  3D printing training is required for teams wanting to use the printer.

The primary function of this space is for design teams to conduct early prototyping that aids in idea generation and needs definition, to develop and refine small products that require basic equipment, and to learn to use basic tools that may be useful elsewhere. Information will be available to point teams toward other nearby and online resources to further advance their projects.

Consultation and Coaching (3340 GGBrown):Consultation Room 3340 GGBrown

A suite of 4 small meeting rooms (capacity 4-6 people). Each room has a monitor to display shared work. A lounge area and kitchenette are available outside the rooms. The room will also host a “toychest” of tools to inspire idea generation, creativity, and early prototyping and a small “library” of books, articles, and other resources about socially engaged design.

The primary function of these rooms is to hold Consultations and Socially Engaged Design Academy Coaching Sessions.  When not in use, some rooms will be reservable for socially engaged design team meetings or drop-in.

Contact Christie (donahuec@umich.edu) to find out about reserving a consultation room for your socially engaged design project team meetings.


Conference Room (3350 GGBrown)


A conference room with seating at the table for approximately 10-12 and additional seating available around the perimeter.  Whiteboard and conferencing technology available.

The primary function of this space is for individuals to serve meeting and event needs related to socially engaged design.  Priority will be given to C-SED-affiliated meetings and is available by reservation for other meetings and events with a socially engaged design element.  When not in use for these purposes, it is available on a drop-in basis by other groups.


Other Rooms in the C-SED Corridor:

  • Project Team Closet (3430 GGBrown): A small closet is equipped with lockers and filing cabinets for project teams to store paper documents and office supplies.  Space is granted upon request to any project team using the Lab and remaining space, if any, may be allocated to other project teams upon request.
  • C-SED Faculty and Staff Offices (3312-3328 GGBrown): C-SED faculty directors and staff offices are now conveniently located just down the hall from the other rooms, making them easy to find for appointments.


More Before, During, and After Photos

 C-SED Front Desk

Consultation Room 3340 GG Brown  Consultation Lounge 3340 GGBrown  Consultation Room 3340 GG BrownConsultation Rooms Now

 Conference Room Before

 Offices Before

 Workshop Under Construction


C-SED Collaboration Space Under Construction