Center for Socially Engaged Design

Meet our 2018-2019 Student Advisory Board!


Natalie Brown

Junior in Computer Science & English
BLUElab President

I would like to learn more about SED happening on campus and learn to be self critical in BLUElab’s work, allowing us to improve the practices of our project teams.

Abby Chapin

Senior in Mechanical Engineering
CoE Honors, BLUElab Woven Wind Project Lead, C-SED ENGRx55 Course

Taking ENGR 355 in WN18 has shown me how awesome Socially Engaged Design is and how important it is to all types of engineering. Bringing these resources to organizations on campus and making our space known is an important step in integrating C-SED into COE and making engineering students aware of the importance of Socially Engaged Design.”

Aaron Chow

Senior in Electrical Engineering
Michigan Neuroprosthetics Founder and President

To help flesh out the capabilities and training of the C-SED lab in order to allow more teams to more effectively leverage additive technologies.

Marianna Joy Coulentianos

Design Science PhD Pre-Candidate
Sienko Lab

I believe my academic, professional, and personal interests align with C-SED’s mission. Having been involved with C-SED in the past, I would like to continue my engagement by offering help to student teams, based on my experience working in socially engaged design. I believe I will not only be able to help teams but I will also learn a lot about mentoring and advising.

Emma Gannon

Junior in Computer Science
Design for America

I am interested in being active within the design and innovation community while promoting and representing my organization, Design for America.

Saumya Gupta

Senior in Biomedical Engineering
M-HEAL President

C-SED has always been receptive to student feedback, which I believe to be one of it’s main strengths. I would love to continue to provide perspective and feedback from M-HEAL members. Being on the Student Advisory Board provides me the opportunity to have more say in the development of C-SED.

Tae Lim

PhD Pre-Candidate in Mechanical Engineering
Rackham Student Government, Sustainability Without Borders

“I would like to see C-SED become a go-to institute for not only student orgs but also project teams outside UM including other schools.

Matt Nelson

Design Science PhD Pre-Candidate
NSBE National Chairperson

I believe my experience in corporate innovation, along with running a non-profit board of directors, will allow me to support C-SED and the other Student Advisory Board members.



2017-2018 Student Advisory Board

Nour Arafat
Master’s in Biomedical Engineering
C-SED Block Developer, Center for Entrepreneurship Engineers Leadership Program

I’m interested in being apart of a conversation for identifying and pursuing different opportunities to grow the C-SED reach to students, and attracting students to C-SED- especially those with interests that already parallel and align with the C-SED goals/vision.

Nirvan Bhattacharyya
Senior in Chemical Engineering
BLUElab President

BLUElab is one of the largest design organizations on campus and our members have used C-SED as a resource since C-SED’s inception. I look forward toward working with C-SED’s experts to help tailor a better educational experience for our membership and promote socially-engaged design.”

Marianna Joy Coulentianos
Design Science PhD Pre-Candidate
C-SED Student Advisory Board Chairperson

My research aims to investigate the relationship between design requirements and uptake of medical devices in low- to middle-income countries. I am also interested in investigating ways to avoid failures in the implementation phase for such devices. I work in the Lab for Innovation in Global Health Technology (LIGHT) directed by Kathleen Sienko.

Kathryn Henry
Junior in Aerospace Engineering
Engineering Honors Student Advisory Board

I like the idea of C-SED and am excited to work to help the programs and to make opportunities more available and well-known to the students.

Erik Thomas
Master’s in Biomedical Engineering
M-HEAL President

I am passionate about socially engaged design and would like the opportunity to provide input or ideas for events from M-HEAL’s perspective.

Abril Vela
Senior in Information Science
Design for America Co-Founder

Design for America uses C-SED as a workshop space, but C-SED and their team is also one of greatest sources of mentorship. I would love to have a voice in how this space evolves for other teams/orgs but also help connect other orgs and create a network of students doing similar work.


Interested in joining the board in 2019-2020?  Contact for more information.