William Davidson Institute
2018 WDI Global Impact Internships | Student-Initiated Internship Funding Opportunity

Looking for funding for your summer internship in an emerging market country?

The William Davidson Institute (WDI) Global Impact Internship Program supports partnerships between University of Michigan Master’s level graduate students and businesses or organizations in emerging market economies.  It offers funding opportunities for high-level, impactful summer internships.

Student-Initiated internships allow students to develop and mold their own summer internships based on their interests and future career path.  Project proposals are expected to be related to WDI research initiatives: i.e. Scaling Impact, Healthcare, Education, or Performance Measurement.  Internship projects have to be business or economic development related.  WDI internship funding is competitive.

Learn more about WDI, its initiatives and Global Impact Internship Program.

Review the Student-Initiated Internship Program page for eligibility, the application process, and time line for 2018.

If you have any questions, email us at WDI-Internships@umich.edu.