Our student staff are available to provide personal instruction for ANY of the tools in the prototyping lab and can provide insights into the broader context of each area of fabrication listed below including:

Soft Materials: Project design, cutting and fastening of wood, acrylics, corrugate, and PVC tubing. Schedule with Matt or Kaylla

Metalwork: Cutting, drilling, deburring and fastening of thin gauge steel and aluminum. Schedule with Matt or Kaylla

Electronics: Soldering, splicing, multimeter and power supply use, arduino programming and more! Schedule with Matt

3D Printing: Component design, software use, material selection, printing profile customization. Schedule with Matt or Kaylla

Matt Hildner, BSE

Matt holds a B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT.  He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. with a focus on Mechanical and Industrial & Operations Engineering.  Matt volunteered in the MIT Hobby Shop and has held internships with LJ Star Inc, GEC Inc, Ethicon – a Johnson & Johnson Company, and the MIT Tow Tank.  Matt is also a hobby machinist and woodworker with experience in a variety of fabrication techniques.

Kaylla Cantillina, BA

Kaylla holds a B.A. in Art & Design and Political Science.  After one year as an Outside Technical Sales and Application Engineer with Igus Inc., Kaylla is pursuing a Master of Design Science.  During her undergraduate degree, Kaylla was a lead and member of BLUElab India Project and served as a technician in the Stamps School of Art and Design Fabrication Studio.  She was also a video editor for the Michigan Daily and a co-founder of the Michigan Daily Innovation Team. Kaylla is currently crafting her own surfboard.



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