Dr. Nancy Love is the Borchardt and Glysson Collegiate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University Michigan. She served as chair of the department from January 2008 – August 2011, and Associate Dean in the Rackham School of Graduate Studies from 2011 through December 2012. Prior to 2008, Dr. Love was a faculty member in the Departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Biological Sciences at Virginia Tech. Her research focuses at the interface of chemistry and biology by assessing and advancing human and environmental health using chemical, biological and systems analysis approaches applied to water systems using lab- and field-scale experiments, and models. She has distinct expertise in: evaluating the fate of chemicals, pathogens and contaminants of emerging concern in water with relevance to public health and the environment; using technologies to sense and remove these constituents; and advancing technologies that recover useful resources from water. She is currently emphasizing studies centered at the intersection of water quality and children’s livelihoods across the globe. Dr. Love is a licensed professional engineer (P.E.) in the state of Michigan and a Board Certified Environmental Engineer (BCEE). After completing her M.S. degree, she worked as a process design engineer for 3 years where she worked mostly on drinking water treatment plant and distribution system design and construction.

Dr. Love has served or serves as major advisor for 43 M.S. students, 23 Ph.D. students (including 3 students at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia), 7 post-doctoral research associates and 29 undergraduate research assistants with significant projects. She has been involved with a wide range of collaborative research projects totaling $27 million (total), of which her responsible share is $7 million. She has published 92 peer-reviewed journal articles and over 250 conference papers, abstracts, presentations, book chapters and peer-reviewed reports. In 2011 she co-authored the third edition of the textbook Biological Wastewater Treatment with Les Grady, Glen Daigger and Carlos Filipe. She has served on the Board of Directors for the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors and was president from 2010-2011. She was a member of the Academic Committee at the Water Environment Federation from 2007-2013, and chaired the committee from 2010-2013. In 2014, she became Chair of the Environmental Engineering Educators Specialists Group for the International Water Association. Dr. Love is the recipient of a number of awards, including: the National Science Foundation CAREER Award; the Paul L. Busch Award for Innovation in Applied Water Quality Research from the Water Environment Research Foundation; the Harrison Prescott Eddy Medal, the Rudolf’s Industrial Waste Management Medal, and the Gordon Maskew Fair Distinguished Engineering Educator from the Water Environment Federation; and the Civil and Environmental Engineering (Virginia Tech) Alumni Teaching Excellence Award. She was recognized as an Outstanding Young Alumnus by the College of Engineering and Science at Clemson University in 2002. She served as the 2015-2016 Distinguished Lecturer for AEESP, a traveling lecture series. She was inducted as a Fellow of the Water Environment Federation in 2011 the International Water Association in 2014 and the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors (AEESP) in 2015.

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