Design Portfolio


Bridges to Prosperity, University of Michigan Chapter, works on the funding, design and construction management of pedestrian footbridges in rural Bolivia. Through our parent organization, the Chullina village was identified with a great need for a stable footbridge due to highly limited access to markets, medical supplies and schools during the rainy season due to impassable flooded rivers. The design is handled at U of M with engineering students. These students switch over to a management role as they work with locals in the construction of the bridge. The bridge will be constructed during summer 2015, and will signify the completion of the third successful footbridge project in Bolivia.

Project Team

  • Shreeniwas Sharma Poudel Civil Engineering
  • Omar Hamad Civil Engineering
  • Micki Johns Civil Engineering
  • Hannah Wasserman Civil Engineering
  • Kelsey Wagner Construction Management
  • Manuel Vega Loo Civil Engineering
  • Richelle Penn Civil Engineering
  • Margarita Otero-Diaz Civil Engineering
  • Dan Wisinski Engineering & Surveyors
  • Matthew Brow Civil Engineering
bridges to prosperity team


  • Dr. Ann Jeffers Civil and Environmental Engineering PhD.