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Sa Nimá Collaborative was originally founded in 2002 by medical students as an inter-campus initiative, and the goal was to promote social responsibility in healthcare workers through the exploration of international health issues. Up until 2008, Sa Nimá worked in Rancho al Medio, a small village of 1,400 people in the Dominican Republic. In 2009, we began work in Samox San Lucas, a rural community in Guatemala with a population of approximately 550 people. Previous projects involve constructing a bio-sand water filter, holding health workshops, and running engineering and science-based activities for elementary school students.

In 2014, SaNima joined BLUElab to further our mission of creating sustainable solutions to community-addressed needs. The group is split into two sub-teams, engineering and education. The current project of the engineering team is implementing the use of solar technology in Samox San Lucas, while the education team is working on teaching English to the students in Samox San Lucas.

Currently, after dusk, there is no electricity within the community of Samox and people have to rely on candlelight. SaNima plans to build prototypes and introduce solar technology in the form of solar lights (lanterns) for individual households, in place of candles. They are currently in the process of trying to find locally sourced materials to build the lanterns, introducing the lantern prototypes to community leaders, and receiving feedback. The education team is currently focused on two main components. The first is creating lesson plans and implementing them to teach English to older students and natural or social science topics to younger students. In addition to standard methods of teaching vocabulary and/or subject areas, we incorporate interactive activities to reinforce these concepts. The second project is the educational after-school camps, where members lead activities involving themes such as teamwork, problem solving, and cultural awareness.

A unique aspect about SaNima projects is that the needs for solar lights, academic lessons, and after-school camps are community-identified needs. The projects are designed based on what community members have specifically requested. Members of Sa Nimá strive to maintain this collaborative aspect, and appreciate the opportunity to work together with community members, towards a common goal.

Project Team

  • Timothy Chan MatSci
  • Matt Quenon ME
  • Srividhya Sridhar EE
  • Collette Anderson Spanish | Comm
  • Sheba Gollapudi Microbiology
SaSima Team


  • Dr. Steve Skerlos Civil & Environmental Engineering PhD.