Design Portfolio


Solar Fridge began as a senior design project and was later transferred to become a project team in M-Heal (Michigan Health Engineered for All Lives). The problem we are focusing on solving to help safely distribute vaccines in low-resource countries. Vaccines are important to protect a population of a preventable disease. The difficulties with vaccines is that they are sensitive to temperature and must be kept within a range of 2-8 decrees Celsius. It can be a challenge in warm climates and unreliable electricity to distribute vaccines safely in rural areas.

 The Solar Fridge uses the concept of an adsorption refrigerator to keep the inside chamber at a desired temperature to maintain the safety of vaccines. At night, the pressure and temperature in the refrigerant system decreases, and the heat from the cold chamber evaporates the liquid refrigerant and is then released as a vapor into the adsorption bed. During the day, the adsorption heats up due to the sun and release the refrigerant into liquid to be stored in the condenser. In the evening, the refrigerant returns back to the evaporator and the cycle can begin again. We are currently working on building our second prototype in the LBME project room with funding from two Jumpstart Grants.

Project Team

  • Ayana Dambaeva BME
  • Chris Seow ME
  • Abhinav Appukutty BME
  • Christine Hawaway MatSci
  • Trey Lundmark BME
  • Chintan Mehta BCN | Econ
  • Connor Blankenship ChemE
  • Allyson Dugan Undeclared
  • Jason Wong ME
  • Christopher Dinh ChemE
  • Adithay Reddy Undeclared
  • Irene Ng ME | Art
  • Cara Marolt BMS | Span
  • Sawan Dutta BME
  • Quinn McCabe CS
  • Mia Samaha CMB
  • My Nguyen ChemE
  • Aidan Connolly ME


  • Dr. Brian Love Material Science Engineering PhD.