The Center for Socially Engaged Design (C-SED) opens a once-a-year call for master’s and doctoral students to become graduate facilitators and facilitate workshops, in-class sessions, and lectures utilizing, customizing, and creating content for the C-SED library of educational resources.

The work itself focuses on the facilitation of content related to socially engaged design in curricular and co-curricular contexts, as well as working with C-SED staff, faculty, and other facilitators to update and develop new content. Facilitators in this role are part of the C-SED community and interact with other facilitators, students, staff, and faculty members who are developing new models and approaches to work in socially engaged design.

Characteristics of an ideal candidate

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in any field
  • Enrolled as a Master’s or Doctoral student in a design-related discipline
    • We believe any discipline could be understood through a design lens. Examples may include: engineering, architecture, art & design, education, information, business, anthropology, public health, social work, public policy
  • A strong interest in design processes
  • One or more relevant design experiences and/or can describe their experience and interests in terms of design 
    • Examples may include: designing products, services, social interventions, creative projects, curricula, web interfaces, etc., with a specific population, community, or client.
  • Experience in facilitation, teaching, mentorship or leading a groups or teams
  • A commitment to or experience working in social justice or social impact spaces
  • Excellent communication skills including strong writing and interpersonal skills
  • Availability to work at least 5 hours per week

Knowledge and experience gained in the facilitator role

  • Socially engaged design practice, including design tools and case studies with a DEIJ lens
  • Facilitating workshops, and leading discussions in different learning environments
  • Planning and implementing educational experiences
  • Developing customized design content

The diverse groups that utilize C-SED’s services (including students + faculty from engineering, information, business, education, public health, and more) will provide facilitators with opportunities to develop a broad skill set in interpersonal communication, facilitation techniques and practices, and effective organization of learning activities. These skills can be applied to experiences in academia and beyond. 

“I’d say C-SED, probably more than anything else, is one of my formative experiences where I’ve realized I enjoy teaching – and I’m good at it! I’ve had the opportunity to develop my teaching skills.” – Robert Loweth, PhD

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