The Center for Socially Engaged Engineering and Design (C-SED) provides myriad opportunities for students, faculty, and partners to utilize our resources. Students of all disciplines can learn new approaches to design and earn credits, while instructors can leverage our materials and other offerings to incorporate more socially engaged instruction into their coursework. C-SED welcomes community, industry, and government partners to explore future projects with us.


We provide students the necessary space and tools to think more critically about design — whether you’re in a course, working solo, on a co-curricular team. Let’s explore your ideas.

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We can help instructors enhance curriculum, providing materials, lectures, workshops and more. Together, we can identify exciting learning opportunities to align with course objectives.

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C-SED welcomes partnerships with community organizations, government agencies, and industries interested in exploring opportunities for design projects. Work with us.

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Online Learning

The Socially Engaged Design Academy uses an online learning block model to help learners hone specific techniques of socially engaged design from prototyping to working with a new community.

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