About the C-SED Lab

The Center for Socially Engaged Design (C-SED) Lab is a collaborative design and project laboratory where students convene to learn, make, and build community. We are committed to maintaining an inclusive space for independent student projects, student teams, and faculty-led courses through the values of C-SED and the process of socially engaged design.


C-SED Lab Mission

We aim to facilitate the growth and development of our community of students and faculty by offering tools, training and an open workspace to experiment with and master a wide variety of tools and skills. We are dedicated to promoting the use of prototypes in all stages of the design process and commit to sharing our collective knowledge to promote experimentation. We foster inclusive culture centered around courses, programs, workshops, and open work space to meet the needs and curiosities of Michigan students, faculty, and community partners.

Staff Contact: Charlie Michaels

Questions & General Inquiries? Please direct all emails to 

Interested in stopping by? Check out the C-SED Lab calendar detailing Lab Manager staffed hours (green) and course/event reservations (red).

Available Tools

  • • 13” Thickness Planer
  • • 3D printer
  • • Bandsaw
  • • Belt/Disc Sander
  • • Circular Saw
  • • Dremel Engraver
  • • Drill Press
  • • Electric Drill
  • • Grinder
  • • Hand Sander
  • • Hand Tools
  • • Heat Gun
  • • Jigsaw
  • • Miter Saw
  • • Multitool
  • • Reciprocating Saw
  • • Router
  • • Sewing Machine & Station
  • • Embroidery Machine
  • • Soldering Iron
  • • Staple Gun
  • • Table Saw

C-SED Lab Values 


The physical, social, and psychological safety of students working in the lab is our primary focus. 

Inclusive Culture

Aim to foster a sense of community and belonging, as well as the development of an inclusive culture where people can support each other.


We believe experimentation and judgement-free ideation are key to developing innovative ideas, growing our collective skills, and that failure and feedback are necessary components of learning. 


We believe access to diverse forms of education, including guided learning, self-directed learning, and exploring topics of curiosity promote personal and community growth.

Interested in using the space and joining our community of makers? Here’s how you apply!

1. Submit a C-SED Lab Application here (one per person)

2. After your application is accepted you and all team members listed on the application will be sent Core Safety Content to review

3. Complete the Knowledge Check (linked at the end of the Core Content). Review your responses, but you do not need to get 100%

4. After completing the safety quiz you will be sent an invitation to schedule an appointment for an orientation and/or tool training

5. Finally, you will receive a Survey & Access Agreement Form that you will need to complete

Once all of the above steps are complete, you will be able to use the lab. All team members must complete the steps above before using the lab.

*Please note that due to COVID-19 we are not automatically providing full training on the lab equipment and therefore if you need to use any of the larger machinery such as the table saw or miter saw, you will need to notify us beforehand. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate all requests to use such machinery.

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