The [WHAT IS OUR PROGRAM NAME?!] has been designed specifically for College of Engineering Student Project Teams with a clear social impact or community engagement element in their mission. Project teams that participate in this will benefit from collaborative accountability and Socially Engaged Design support. 

Program Manager: Lawryn Fellwock


Teams will also be asked to declare 2-4 objectives in collaboration with program staff who will help teams ‘right-size’ these goals and ensure that teams are aligned with the Socially Engaged Design (SED) principles. Teams will be required to meet with program staff regularly to receive feedback on progress, SED workshop content as related to team objectives, and support in accessing campus resources. 

Teams that complete the program expectations will be declared a Socially Engaged Design Team and awarded funding, public recognition, and access to new C-SED resources. 

Program Expectations

The [WHAT IS OUR PROGRAM NAME?!] will operate from late October through early April with 1-2 requirements per month and unlimited mentoring and guidance from C-SED staff. 

Student Project Team Accelerator Kick-Off – Late October

All project teams will join together to receive a program welcome and clear and transparent explanation of program expectations and purpose. Individual team members will be able to choose to attend the Introduction to Socially Engaged Design workshop or another workshop if already familiar with SED. If unable to attend, teams must schedule an Intro to SED workshop as a foundational requirement to indicate interest in the program. This will ensure an informed consent regarding the spirit of SED and how it will interact with their team’s mission. 

Monthly Touchpoints – November – March

Initial Planning Meeting:

During this touchpoint, project team leads will schedule a meeting with program staff and will co-select 2-4 appropriate objectives for the program. Workshops and case studies from C-SED’s library will also be co-selected based on the team’s stage in the design process.

Objective Check-In:

During this touchpoint, project teams will receive the SED workshop or case study selected in the initial planning meeting. Teams will also give an update on their objective progress. Teams will be expected to meet with program staff for an Objective Check-in in December, January, February, and March. 

End of Year Reflection:

This check-in will inventory the work and progress accomplished throughout the program and teams will be prepared to complete the End of Year Report and attend the program’s celebration in April.

End of Year Report – April 

This report will feature a summary of the team’s work that year, goals for the following year, and post-program reflection questions themed on the Socially Engaged Design’s four values.

Join us in the [WHAT IS OUR PROGRAM NAME?!] and be part of a community dedicated to making a meaningful impact through engineering. Move your team forward, develop your socially engaged design skills, and access a new level of support and resources!

Join the Program

To apply, the project team lead(s) must complete the below application by Monday, October 7th. The program kick-off on [DATE + TIME HERE] is an essential component of the experience – please make your calendars and inform your team members to do so as well. 


The inaugural [WHAT IS OUR PROGRAM NAME?!] cohort will be capped at 10 individual project teams to ensure quality support.

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