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Not sure what the Center for Socially Engaged Design is or how you can get involved using our programs and resources? Just want to talk about your project or project idea? Meet with a C-SED staff member to learn about resources available to you.
Meet with a C-SED staff member.

Come see us to:

  • Determine how to best utilize the C-SED consultation service
  • Lean about the program in Socially Engaged Design
  • Build a C-SED course or program into your education plan
  • Tell us about your project or idea and understand how C-SED can help

Socially Engaged Design Process

We can support you in your design-process journey, providing expertise and resources along the way.

Come talk to us about:

  • Integrating thinking about identity, power, and privilege in your design process
  • Mapping your stakeholders and the ecosystem of your project
  • Understanding and defining your problem or challenge
  • Developing good interview questions and performing effective interviews
  • Generating innovative and unexpected ideas
  • Using prototypes as a tool to get feedback

Does your student organization or group need a workshop?
Learn more about our workshops

Making and Building

Do you need to expand or refine your making skills? Want to talk through how to create a simple prototype to test your idea?

The managers of C-SED’s prototyping lab can consult with you on:

  • Simple and advanced woodworking tools and techniques
  • 3D printing simple prototypes
  • Simplifying complex designs into essential elements

Partnership and Community Engagement

Building equitable partnerships and ethically engaging with communities of stakeholders is essential in socially engaged design.

If your project involves partnerships or engaging with others, come talk to us about:

  • Establishing or exiting a partnership
  • Evaluating and maintaining a meaningful partnership
  • Engaging in ethical and respectful community best practices
  • Cultural competencies
  • Identity Mapping and eliminating assumptions

“At C-SED, we are excited about creating connections and starting conversations. No matter what you are passionate about, we are here to help you find ways to match that passion with action.”

Erin Moore
Engagement Strategist


Need some guidance on a project, or a new perspective on your design? Or have no idea where to start? We at C-SED are here to help! Book time with our new Open Hours to get started.

Click on the calendar below to easily book an introductory appointment with us. We’ll guide you through a brief list of questions to learn a little more about what you’re hoping to do and go from there!

Our C-SED staff and facilitators have expertise in a broad range of topics, from design, storytelling, and research to teaching, community-based work, and so much more. We’re excited to virtually meet you this semester and find ways to connect our services to your work.

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