The Center for Socially Engaged Design uses research to evaluate and inform socially engaged design principles and methodologies.  In doing so, we create a body of research that collectively defines a new standard of quality for the design and analysis of evidence-based best practices to include end-users and society in design processes. C-SED researchers apply socially engaged design practices in their own fields of specialization.

Browse our current research areas here and learn more about faculty researchers affiliated with the center.

Design Education

We study the impact of design education tools and conduct applied research to inform the development of design tools to aid students and practitioners.

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Sustainable Design

We support research and teach design strategies to help students and professionals navigate a myriad of sustainability challenges.

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Concept Generation & Creativity

We investigate success strategies in design ideation, including research on the translation of those strategies to a variety of contexts.

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Our research examines how and when designers use prototypes in the development cycle and how prototypes contribute to a successful project outcome.

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Design Teams

Our research aims to develop improved processes and support tools to help design teams make better decisions in increasingly complex environments.

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Problem Exploration & Definition

We investigate how designers explore and elicit requirements to define the real need of a design problem.

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Design for Emerging Markets

We seek to better understand system-level interactions in emerging markets and offer strategies for designers to make better products in these growth areas.

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Global Health Design

We utilize design ethnography and co-creative processes to design and assess technology solutions to healthcare challenges in low- & middle-income countries.

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