C-SED Fellows:

BlueLab Teams:

BLUELab project teams are multidisciplinary and emphasize collaboration with local and international stakeholders to ensure that identified needs (typically in the areas of agriculture, education, energy, resource management, medical devices, and water) are appropriately addressed. We believe that design is about people, and that the best designs are sustainable, taking into account all social, economic, and environmental impacts.

M-Heal teams

M-HEAL‘s mission is to use education, needs assessment, design innovation, and social entrepreneurship to improve access to health care in underdeveloped communities. We envision a world where every person has access to appropriate, affordable, and high-quality health care.

  • Team Flow
  • Project MESA
  • CSF Global
  • The Initiative
  • Solar Fridge
  • Drip
  • PeriOperative
  • Project Mia
  • MEND
  • Neonatal Asphynxia Project (NAP)
  • Project Alivio

Other SED Teams:


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