The C-SED Prototyping Lab is our go-to maker space, but in case we don’t have the tools that you need for your project, here are some other maker spaces you can check out.

  • The Wilson Center is a space dedicated to giving engineering project teams access to metal machining tools, large assembly areas, and paint/spray rooms, among other things.
  • Groundworks at Duderstadt is a walk-in, self-service media lab with hardware and software for audio, video, animation and fabrication projects.
  • Book Arts Studio in the Duderstadt provides access to letterpress machines and other bookmaking supplies.
  • Fabrication Studio in the Duderstadt provides the U-M community access to resources to transform ideas into physical reality. You will find work surfaces, hand tools, several types of 3D printers, a laser cutter, a small CNC printed circuit board cutter, 3D scanners, and electronics workbenches ready to handle a variety of activities.
  • Design Lab in the Duderstadt is a dynamically-configurable space tailored to support peer-to-peer learning, staffed and equipped to serve as a living “sketchpad” for creative and interdisciplinary projects.

Use the Mobius tool to find the tools you need.

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