The Center for Socially Engaged Design has undergone many changes, constantly evolving and expanding to become the community it is now. Despite three name changes, the scramble to find a space, and the navigation of a global pandemic, C-SED has kept its mission of socially engaged design and student engagement at its core. 

Take a look at the origin story of the community we’ve come to know as the Center for Socially Engaged Design.


The Center for Socially Engaged enters its 9th year! The vision for C-SED continues to grow. New roles are created and new staff members are welcomed in. Learn about our current staff, their roles, and find time to consult with them here.

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C-SED Book Club


  • In response to a college-wide call for virtual opportunities, C-SED launches the “Intro to Socially Engaged Design” mini course in May 2020. Read more about the course here!
  • The first C-SED Book Club is launched, with dozens of faculty, staff, students, and community members reading “Mismatch” by Kat Holmes.



  • Innovation in Action arrives at C-SED. 
  • Two faculty project teams lead the very first Summer Studio at C-SED.
  • Strategic Director Ann Verhey-Henke facilitates the Innovation Salon to provide the space for meaningful collaboration between stakeholders searching for solutions in water utility.


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